Daniel Nikolla ACIM is a marketing consultant for MERX Marketing Ltd and marketing manager of Hardy Signs Ltd, a UK leading professional and digital signage company. He is also the vice-chair of Generation Next, East Midlands Chamber's young professionals organisation.

In 2020, Daniel was awarded the 'Future Face of Sales, Marketing and Communications' in Greater Birmingham and 'Young Professional of the Year' in the East Midlands (Derbyshire).

Before, Daniel worked for Vixio Regulatory Intelligence in London and EasyPay Albania. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and a Chartered Institute of Marketing Level 6 Professional Marketing Diploma. He is an Associate member of CIM.



My 'gurus' who motivate me to do what I do every day are my family members. They are my strongest 'Why'! The other three are communities I belong to, youth empowerment and success.

Daniel Nikolla was born in Tirana, Albania, in 1993. He comes from a highly educated family. Both parents spent their careers working for the Albanian government. His dad Mitro held the Head of Finance position for several institutions such as Tirana International Airport, Drejtoria e Shërbimeve Qeveritare, Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Burgjeve, etc. His mother Neti worked at Albcontrol for over 25 years as a financial specialist.

As a young child, Daniel was devoted to football and learning English through private courses. He was an active (youth to pro) football player from the age of 10 to 20. Throughout the years, he played for Partizani Tirana, Dinamo Tirana and Internacionale Tirana. In 2012, Daniel was taken on a trial at Wacker Burghausen U23, a team playing in Bundesliga 3 of Germany.

Moving to England

The following year, he moved to London to study English at Waltham Forest College and Creative Media Production at City and Islington College. His dream to become a professional football player was stopped here, but he always followed football closely. During his studies at Waltham Forest College, he played for the football team of the college.

In 2014, Daniel was elected the Student Union President (HE) at City and Islington College. During his studies, he was also sitting on various college boards, including the Board of Governors. He enjoyed these roles as he learnt a lot by networking with successful business people and policymakers.

The college with 15,000 students wasn’t enough. In 2016, Daniel won the elections to be a councillor in the National Executive Council of the National Union of Students UK (NUS UK). In the same year, he won International Student Officer of the Year (FE) and came runner up for Further Education Student Union of the Year at NUS UK awards 2016. The progression shown by the student union was picked up by the local media of Islington and recognised within the college.


In 2016, Daniel was selected to feature on a UEFA EURO 2016 short film as part of their ‘Make Your Debut’ campaign. He and his father Mitro travelled to France, where the European tournament was held and followed the Albanian national football team's first match. The video reached millions of people across the world and became extremely popular amongst Albanians. In the same year, he was part of City and Islington College's marketing campaign, and his picture was placed across the underground stations in North-East London.

At the end of 2016, Daniel worked for EasyPay Albania before returning to the UK to complete his BA of Arts in Film Production at the University of West London. Daniel was always working and volunteering, and this helped him receive an invite to be an intern for Vixio Regulatory Intelligence in the City of London.

During his student years, he worked very hard to make ends meet in London, known for high prices. He remembers that he would often struggle to pay his rent after returning from a holiday. Alongside his studies, he would always be working a P/T job in a bar and restaurant, work as an intern to gain experience and volunteer over 15 hours a week.

Hardy Signs LTD

In 2018, Daniel Nikolla joined Hardy Signs as the marketing executive. He worked closely with the senior management, his manager, and the sales team to improve marketing and sales processes that have taken the company's digital marketing to a different level. In January 2020, he was promoted to the marketing manager position.

Daniel and his team utilised digital marketing strategies and tactics, which have proven highly successful. His achievements at Hardy Signs have been recognised with a Young Professional of the Year 2020 award given by the East Midlands Chambers of Commerce and the Future Face of Sales, Marketing and Communications 2020' award given by Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.

Hardy Signs has won 5 awards during this time, including winning Manufacturer of the Year twice in 2019 and 2020 and has achieved a record turnover in 2019.

MERX Marketing is a -natural progression- side hustle that Daniel founded and registered in 2022. Essentially MERX is a marketing agency offering services such as Social Media management, Web Development, Branding, Video Production, Anatytics and Metrics setting and analysis, PPC, SEO, branded merchandise printing, vehicle wrapping and so on.

People ask why it is called MERX Marketing?
Well, MERX is the short version for Mercury. He was the Roman god for messenger and travellers, and the fastest planet that moved around the sun was named after him. The Romans only knew of seven bright objects in the sky: The Sun, the Moon and the five brightest planets.

In Greek mythology, Hermes which the Romans knew as Mercury, the son of Zeus and Maia, was the messenger of the gods and the mediator between the realm of the dead and the kingdom of the living. He was basically the GOD of COMMUNICATION.


Daniel Nikolla is currently the vice-chair of the board of Generation Next, the young professional’s division of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce.

He is also a volunteer for Diaspora Për Shqipërinë e Lirë, a campaign launched in 2020 to achieve the voting right for Albanian Diaspora and facilitate a more meaningful involvement of Albanian diaspora in decision making in the country.

Daniel has previously been a member of the United States of America Youth Council in Albania. He has also volunteered for Alsa UK, The Class of 2020 UK, Prospects Official etc. He loves being busy and often works on other projects outside of his full-time job.

Daniel’s life ambitions are standing for justice and making a change in the communities he belongs to in Albania and the United Kingdom.



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